Stable Horse

Bamboo Agile designed a mobile prototype for a horse stable management application that allowed users to create, track, and log various tasks related to horse care, racing, and stable upkeep.
Project team:2 people
Delivery date:June 2021
Time spent:1 month
An advertising and video production agency from Dubai, wanted to develop a clean, modern, and intuitive mobile app for horse stable management. The goal was to create an easy way for stable owners and their employees to interact, coordinate, and record their activities.

Bamboo Agile had substantial experience in building ERPs and mobile application development, so the team decided to build a prototype for the company as a show of expertise.
Bamboo Agile has developed a mobile prototype for a cross-platform stable management application that allows stable owners and team members to easily set and log various tasks. It supports two user types with different feature sets: Admin and Team.

Aside from basic functionality like horse profiles, feeding times, and stable information, the app is designed to feature a number of specialised modules. This includes the Training, Vet, Care, Race Plan, and other subsections.

The full solution would operate on a subscription-based payment model with a free trial period of 2 months.

User profiles

Users are split into two groups: stable owners and teammates a.k.a. Admins and Teams.

Admins can manage all the information on the app, make and assign tasks and activities across different modules, get notifications when tasks are completed, as well as view and export data related to a particular unit (horse, group, lot) over the course of the past year.

Teammates are grooms, trainers, foremen, etc. They can access all sections of the app and get notifications when admins make any changes to horse settings. Teammates can also access their calendar which lists the activities they need to complete.

Horse profiles

Owners can add and edit horse profiles to the app, complete with photos and unique horse care settings. It includes specific information about the horse’s location (barn, box, and paddock numbers), type (colt, mare, stallion, or gelding), age, weight, preferred type of race, rider, saddle weight, and so on.

Moreover, horses can be added to groups, which makes assigning feeding sessions, training plans, veterinary care, and so on to multiple units at a time significantly easier.


App users can communicate via the simple notes feature that functions similar to a chat. Both admins and team members can leave text messages for others to see, e. g. “I will be absent from Mar 30 to Apr 5”.

Feeding schedule

This feature allows users to schedule horse feedings, marking the food type, quantity, and frequency for each horse or group of horses. Owners can assign team members to feeding sessions and receive notifications when the session is successfully finished.

Other modules

The prototype only featured the feeding module in its full capacity. However, several other modules were planned and accommodated for, such as:
  • Training (multiple training types, training duration, distance, and frequency);
  • Vet (medication, vaccines, treatments);
  • Care (shoeing, balsater scheduling);
  • Race plan (race schedules, race names, dates, distances, results & heart rate data);
  • Stable equipment (stable equipment list, quantity);
  • And others.


All activities over the course of the past 12 months are logged and can be sorted in regards to a particular horse. The owner can view and export that data as an auto-generated report with a specific set of parameters for a selected period of time.
The team consisted of a project manager and a UX/UI designer, and the prototype took a month to complete. We continuously discussed possible features that could be added to the complete product with the client over the course of prototype development.

For example, we talked about future hardware integrations that would help track heart rates of horses, their body temperature, as well as the temperature inside different stables. We also discussed the possibility of building a web app with an extra superadmin profile, which would be able to manage massive horse and user databases.
The prototype was successfully presented to the client. Our design received a lot of positive feedback and served as a good showcase of our expertise.

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