MNO Custom Integrations

Custom backend integrations with MNOs’ systems enabling our clients to connect with their customers.
Custom backend solutions with mobile networks operators’ can help businesses connect with their audience and inform them about their goods, services, discounts, etc. by sending e-messages in bulk. The relevant sectors are telecom, online games, B2B services, marketing, education, etc.
Project team:7 people (on average)
Time spent:3 months (on average)
Creating an integration with a mobile operator’s platform to send e-messages to mobile devices and using the mobile number as an ID.
Integration with the MNP and HLR APIs.
Development and implementation of a custom Dispatch Sending Daemon.
Integration with the Telegram messenger platform.
Integration with SuperMag Loya (a loyalty management system).
Platform technical support.
The creation of a new, efficient communication channel opening opportunities for further business growth.

Tech Used

Back end:
Perl, Node.js

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