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Bamboo Agile has an extensive expertise in education software. We created customized learning management systems, based on our in-house School OS platform, for clients in various world regions. School OS solutions can fit all kinds of educational institutions from schools to corporate training centers, and can be implemented in a single college or at a national level. They work on smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and provide multiple types of user interfaces (e.g. teachers/administration, students, and parents).

Platform features

Our platform incorporates a powerful AI giving you access to a whole set of features—from world’s first AI-based automatic curriculum builder to data visualization and personal counseling. School OS solutions benefit everyone: they reduce the amount of paperwork for the teachers and help them take weighted decisions, make sure that the students always know their homework assignments, and place the parents one click or tap away from teachers’ notes and advice. The tuition process is made much more transparent for all participants by supplying them with relevant data and facilitating communication.

Case Project: School OS

Here’s an example of the structure of a learning management system built with School OS.
Case Project: School OS

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